• Grunt MIX Strong

    Grunt MIX Strong

    Concentrated primer for priming raw building substrates (concrete, cement and cement-lime plaster and old previously painted surfaces, which with the time passing lost their parameters.

  • Fugaremix


    A white single component preparation in a bottle with an applicator tip guaranteeing a high quality coating. The product is based on artificial resins, titanium white, fillers and modifying agents.

  • Pigment MIX

    Pigment MIX

    A universal pigment concentrate in the form of pigment water dispersion with the addition of dispersion and wetting agents and viscosity regulators.


Inchem Polonia Sp. z o.o. is an enterprise
which has been actively operating in
the field of construction chemistry
for many years.  Since 1988 we have been
specializing in the production of pigment
preparations for producers of paints
and other items requiring tinting.



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+48 42 671 74 05
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+48 42 209 39 23



The company Inchem, a manufacturer of chemicals and the leading producer of pigment pastes, has been existing in the market since 1988.