B2B Technology
  • Packing our own and the Customer's products into sachets, tubes, bottles, canisters and other packages:
    • we will offer the best way of packaging
    • we will take care of the graphic design of packages and labels
    • we will pack products into collective cartons
    • we will deliver the goods to the Customer's warehouse
  • Standardization of pigments and dyes into the liquid form:
    • pigments from our own offer
    • pigments offered by the Customer
    • the Customer's own pigments
  • Formulation of colours and development of a colour template:
    • from our own database
    • on the basis of a sample or the NCS or RAL template, etc.
  • Tinting the Customer's own products:
    • water soluble paints and enamels
    • water based lacquers, wood stain, lacquer stain and impregnants
    • household and automotive chemistry articles
    • grout renovating preparations
  • Production of articles under the Customer's own brand name:
    • pigment preparations
    • pigments in the liquid and powdery form
    • white and colourful grout renovating preparations
    • grout impregnants
    • transparent and colourful azures


MIXONYL pigment preparations
The IN 200+ tinting system
ICS Colour Chart
Inchem Colour System


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