Wood varnish
Drewnomix Wood varnish

Water stained wood varnish

  • lasting
  • efficient
  • ecological
  • light-resistant

This modern wood varnish can be used both indoors and outdoors. It protects the painted surface against moisture and dirt, creating a coating resistant to mold and surface fungi. The waxes contained in the varnish coating increase the resistance to mechanical damage and water. DrewnoMIX emphasizes the natural grain pattern, giving the wood an aesthetic look.


Store in the original, tightly closed container at a temperature between +5°C and + 30°C .


900 ml can / collective packaging: 6 cans

Shelf life

36 months from the production date on the packaging


Available colors: Oak, Teak, Palisander, Fir, White, Grey, Silver, Venge.
Clear (transparent) varnish also available.

Intended use

For decorative and protective painting:

  • wooden and wood-based surfaces of building
  • joinery
  • wooden facades
  • garden furnitures 
  • bower
  • boiserie

Works great as:

  • protection of raw wood
  • in renovation painting

Practical remarks

Use at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. 

​Efficiency: depending on the type and absorbency of the substrate - approx. 15 m2/l.


Surface preparation:
The surface should be dry, clean and degreased. For a better effect, before applying the second layer, sand the surface with fine-grained sandpaper. In renovation painting, old coatings should be removed till raw wood.
We recommend applying two layers of varnish.
Stir the product thoroughly before use. Apply first layer (according to the fibers’ direction) with a brush, roller or spray. Wait until dry (60 minutes). Apply second layer of varnish. Different types of wood absorb dye differently, so it is recommended to perform a colour test before painting.


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