Dyes for household and automotive chemicals

Dyes for household and automotive chemicals

Acid powder dyes soluble in water.


Store and transport in tight, original packages in the temperature ranging from 5°C to 40°C.


In accordance with the Customer's order

Shelf life

36 months

Intended use

Dyes intended for tinting household and automotive chemicals.


The detailed information regarding application is included in the product technical data sheet.


Our offer includes 5 basic colours of acid powder dyes: Yellow, Magenta, Violet, Light Blue and Green. On a Customer's request we may also prepare a solution with the concentration as demanded, as well as other colours and types. Unrestricted combinations of colours are possible. 

We offer our Customers the necessary knowledge concerning the utilization and dosage of dyes in particular products. We give advice, suggest and optimise recipes in order to achieve the best possible final product.

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