permanent colour

Pigment concentrate:

  • for tinting elevation paints, plasters and concrete
  • ecological
  • UV-resistant
  • EKO MIX BUD is a pigment concentrate in the form of pigment water dispersion with the addition of dispersion and wetting agents and viscosity regulators.
  • EKO MIX BUD does not contain any resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and alkylphenothoxylates (APEOs).
  • The  EKO MIX BUD concentrate formulae is based on selected organic and inorganic pigments with maximum resistance to light, external conditions, alkaline environment, lime and cement.
  • The applied auxiliaries make the EKO MIX BUD concentrate get perfectly distributed both in dispersion paints and plasters and in building materials based on cement and/or lime, providing a permanent and uniform shade.
  • The EKO MIX BUD concentrates guarantee repeatable and cost-effective solutions. In order to ensure the colour accuracy and repeatability, each EKO MIX BUD concentrate is checked in our Quality Control Laboratory. Such parameters as the density, viscosity, pH, shade and colour power are tested.


Store in tight original packages in the temperature ranging from +5°C to +40°C.


500 ml bottle
A collective carton: 6 pcs

Shelf life

36 months


the Hygienic attestation of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene



The EKO MIX BUD concentrate is produced in 20 colours. In practise, it is possible

to achieve an unlimited number of colours and shades because the EKO MIX BUD pigments can be easily mixed with one another, which allows to create one's own colouring.

  Colours marked with asterisk are not recommended for paint and plaster on a silicate base.

Intended use

The EKO MIX BUD pigment concentrate is intended for tinting dispersion paints and plasters (acrylic, silicon and silicate ones - see the template) applied indoors and outdoors.

The EKO MIX BUD concentrate may also be used for tinting within the body construction products containing cement and/or lime, such as: mortar, concrete topping, cobble stones, cement tiles, palisades, etc.

The EKO MIX BUD concentrate is compatible with our other products: FUGAREMIX – a grout renovator, GRUNT MIX – a priming preparation and GLAMOUR EFFECT - Glaze.

Practical remarks

Due to the technologies and raw materials applied by various paint and plaster manufacturers, the conduct of a test on a small quantity of paint or plaster is recommended. The colours presented in the template are for reference only. The achieved colours depend on the type and quality of the tinted product. The absorptivity, type and structure of the substrate, as well as environment and lighting conditions may also influence the final colour.

  • Mineral paints and plasters. We do not recommend using the EKO MIX BUD concetrates for tinting mineral paints and plasters (of the stippled or woodworm like type, etc.) due to the possibility of salt efflorescence occurrence.
  • Silicate paints and plasters. Owing to the high pH of silicate paints and plasters, we do not recommend tinting them with colours designated with an asterisk in the colour template (Ripe apricot, Pink flamingo, Forest fern, Blue ocean and Turquoise wave).
  • Construction products containing cement and/or lime tinted in the body. As a result of weather conditions, unavoidable blooms may occur. Experience shows that they usually disappear within approximately 2 years. They always form on the surface from which water evaporates. The number of blooms may increase when: concrete has not reached the sufficient maturity, the cement grout is excessively rough, the grout in the concrete blocks is poorly vibrated or internal cracks occur, or additions delaying cement binding are applied.


The EKO MIX BUD concentrate should be thoroughly mixed before use. Any possible delamination does not constitute the product defect. A tinting test on a small quantity of a tinted product ought to be conducted in order to check the mutual tolerance and define the appropriate proportion. Measure and weigh the necessary quantity of the concentrate and slowly pour it into the tinted product, thoroughly stirring manually or mechanically (with the help of a concrete mixer or a stirrer) until a uniform colour has been achieved. While stirring, avoid excessive foaming, which may deteriorate application properties. The maximum recommended addition of the EKO MIX BUD concentrate per the total net mass of the final product is 5%.


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