The IN 200+ tinting system

Highly concentrated water soluble colourants in the form of pastes containing non-ionic and/or anionic dispersion and wetting agents, as well as pH stabilizers.

The FAMIX200+ colourants do not contain any resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or alkylphenothoxylates (APEOs).

The application of selected auxiliary systems ensures the optimum degree of pigment particle dispersion, which provides high tinting power.

The unique formula of the  thixotropic liquid ensures easy automatic or manual dosing, pouring or pumping.

The FAMIX 200+ colourants guarantee repeatable and cost-effective business solutions. In order to ensure the colour accuracy and repeatability, each colourant is checked in our Quality Control Laboratory. Such parameters as the density, viscosity, pH, shade and colour power are tested.


Store and transport in tight original packages in the temperature ranging from 5°C to 40°C.


900 ml bottle

Shelf life

36 months


Intended use

The IN 200+ tinting system is based on the system of twelve colourants of the FAMIX 200+ series and is intended for tinting water-soluble dispersion paints applied indoors.

Thanks to IN 200+ it is possible to reach an extremely low cost of tinting one litre of paint, guaranteeing shade repeatability.

After mixing with the tinted paint, pigments maintain stable dispersions, show no trend for flocculation and sedimentation and do not cause bleeding.


Before application the paste should be thoroughly stirred, any potential delamination is not a product defect. Pour the FAMIX 200+ colourant into the dosing machine and administer the recipe quantity to the tinted paint. Thoroughly stir by the hand or mechanically or in a shaker in order to achieve a uniform colour. While stirring, avoid excessive foaming, which may deteriorate application properties.


The FAMIX 200+ colourants are produced in 12 colours: AX, SX, GX, G, HX, J, E, D, B, F, L and C. The developed recipes allow to obtain 198 colours. We provide recipes and a colour template.

We may also prepare a colour template compliant with the customer's order (samples, the NCS or RAL templates, etc.)

We offer our Customers the necessary knowledge concerning the application of the FAMIX 200+ colourants in particular products. We give advice, suggest and optimise recipes in order to achieve the best possible final product.

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