Pigment MIX

Can you add Pigment MIX to silicates and silicone?

No. For silicate paints and plasters – EKO MIX-BUD (exception: Ripe Apricot, Pink Flamingo, Forest Fern and Blue Ocean), for silicone paints and plasters – EKO MIX-BUD.

Can you add Pigment MIX to lime?


Can you dye epoxy varnish with Pigment MIX?


Can you dye filler with Pigment MIX?


Can you use Pigment MIX to paint stained glass windows?

As a single product – no. If added to paint or varnish – yes.

Can you use Pigment MIX with metal paints?

Yes. Alkyd metal paints (phthalic, oil-phthalic), acrylic.

Can you use Pigment MIX to dye fabrics?

No. These are not  dyes. They may be used for screen printing.

Can you use Pigment MIX for painting without it having to be diluted with paint and/or azure?

It’s OK to use for painting but protect with azure.

Which paints (generally products) can you mix Pigment MIX with, and with which you cannot?

Yes – water-thinnable dispersion (acrylic, latex, emulsion, chalk) paints, most solvent borne paints and enamels: alkyd (phthalic, oil-phthalic), chlorinated rubber, nitrocellulose.

No – moisture-cured products, chemically setting (two-component, epoxide, polyurethane) products. 


Can you add EKO MIX BUD max pigment to lime? How do they relate to lime and can all colours be added?

Yes. Exception: Ripe Apricot, Pink Flamingo.

Form how many years is the colour of the external paint retained?

It depends on the quality of paints, insolation and weather conditions. It’s two summer seasons at least.


Can (should) grouts be coated with 2 layers of renovator?

If the grout is coated with one layer thoroughly, another layer is not necessary.

Can renovator be used for grouts?


Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter

Can you paint only with Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter pigment, using it as the last coating?

No. The pigment is going to abrade/wash away.

What is the maximum Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter additive to a varnish?

80 ml of Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter paste per one 750 ml tin of Glaze.

Can you add Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter to a varnish only, or can it be added to a paint, too?

It may be added to colourless varnishes and transparent paints.

Can you use Glamour Effect Metalic Glitter pigment with wood, metal, ceramic products?

Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter applied together with Glaze may be used to paint wood and unglazed ceramics.

Do not use it with metal

Can you mix Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter with Fugaremix?

No. No effect.

Glamour Effect Moon Dust

What are the filings?

Colour polyester (PET) foil cut into minute pieces of 0.2 – 2.0 mm in diameter.

Can you add Glamour Effect Moon Dust glitter to a paint, or to a varnish?

It can be added to colourless varnishes and transparent paints.

Glamour Effect Glaze

Which surfaces can you coat with glaze?

Absorbent surfaces, i.e. wall coated with paint, plaster-gypsum, wood, unglazed ceramics etc.


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