Glamour Effect Glaze

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Glamour Effect Glaze
  • a decorative finishing coating
  • creates the unique design in the interior
  • easy to use

Glamour Effect Glaze is a transparent single component varnish guaranteeing coatings of high quality and resistance to abrasion and dirt. The product is based on high quality artificial resins, waxes and rheological and modifying agents.

Two types of azure are available in the offer, i.e. gloss and matt.

Glamour Effect Glaze may independently constitute a finishing layer for walls and ceilings, but it can also serve as a base for creating unusual decorative effects after adding the Glamour Effect Moon Dust glitter, the Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter metallic paste or Pigment MIX to it.


Store in tight original packages in the temperature ranging from +5°C to +40°C.


750 ml metal can
A collective carton: 6 pcs

Shelf life

36 months


Hygienic Approval of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene


Glamour Effect - Glitter effect
Glamour Effect - Crumbled paper effect
Glamour Effect - Retro effect
Glamour Effect - Travertine Effect


Intended use

Glamour Effect Glaze is intended for achieving original decorative effects inside rooms on surfaces earlier painted with white or colourful paints. It evokes the colour depth and intensity, providing matt or gloss finishing. In addition to a unique decorative effect, owing to its properties, it secures from dirt and provides resistance to washing and scrubbing. Glamour Effect Glaze is particularly recommended for painting all rooms exposed to regular dirt (e.g. halls, kitchens, children's rooms and staircases). Moreover, it will be ideal for painting panelling.

Gloamour Effect Glaze is the basic component of the majority of effects created from the Glamour Effect products, i.e. the Moon Dust glitter and the Metallic Glitter metallic pastes. In order to achieve a different shade, Glamour Effect Glaze may be tinted with the Pigment MIX pigments. Decorative effects depend on the user's imagination and applied tools.


The surface which will be covered with Glamour Effect Glaze should be clean and degreased. The best effects are obtained on a wall or ceiling freshly painted with an appropriate colour. The panelling painted with the phtalic enamel ought to be primed with appropriate joining primer. Glamour Effect Glaze needs to be thoroughly mixed before use. Apply a thin layer to the surface previously painted with an appropriate colour. Depending on the expected effect, the lacquer can be spread with a brush, a roller, a sponge (swabbing or rubbing) or a float. 

The recommended number of layers: 1 - 2. The second layer may be applied after approximately 2 hours. The application of Glamour Effect Glaze needs to be conducted once on the whole surface because potential dried cut-offs cannot be covered. Spot adjustments should not be conducted on the lacquer surface because they may cause gloss differences. After painting, the lacquer may change the substrate shade into a more intense one.

The colour of the packed product is milk-white and it changes into transparent after drying.


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