Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter

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Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter
  • revitalizes and enriches the interior colouring
  • easy to use
  • a wide range of effects

Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter constitutes water soluble spectacular decorative pigments in the form of pastes containing anionic dispersion and wetting agents, as well as pH stabilizers. The pastes do not contain any resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and alkylphenothoxylates (APEOs).

Owing to the large concentration of the metallic pigment, they create a unique and sparkling effect, as well as revitalize and enrich the interior colouring.

The paste may be applied together with Glamour Effect Azure and other water soluble lacquers or transparent dispersion paints.


Store in tight original packages in the temperature ranging from +5°C to +40°C.


80 ml bottle
A collective carton: 6 pcs

Shelf life

36 months


Hygienic Approval of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene


Glamour Effect - Glitter effect
Glamour Effect - Crumbled paper effect
Glamour Effect - Retro effect
Glamour Effect - Travertine Effect



The offer includes the following 4 colours of Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter decorative pigments:  Desert Gold, Red Horizon, Bronze Talisman and Alaska Silver.

Bronze Talisman

Bronze Talisman

Red Horizon

Red Horizon

Alaska Silver

Alaska Silver

Desert Gold

Desert Gold

Intended use

The Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter decorative pigment paste added to Glamour Effect Azure is intended for achieving original decorative effects inside rooms on surfaces earlier painted with white or colourful paints. It creates attractive and stunningly deep surfaces and gives the surfaces a fascinating metallic appearance. Thanks to Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter, every interior will change in line with the type of applied lighting. Metallic particles contained in the pigment cause that, when appropriately lit, they will be a powerful decorative feature of each interior. Wall decorations made with Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter perfectly suit both modernist and classical decors. Opalescent metallic ornamentations make a perfect match for glass and steel. Silvery shimmering walls provide a favourable backdrop for simple or austere furniture and decorations. In their turn, gold and bronze splendidly enhance the antique character of interiors.


Shake the bottle with the Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter decorative pigment before use and add the contents to Glamour Effect Azure directly before application. Stir the contents thoroughly. 80 ml of paste per one 750 ml Azure can is the maximum addition. The Glamour Effect Metallic Glitter pigments may be also added to other azures, water based lacquers and transparent dispersion paints after checking compatibility.

Apply a thin layer to the wall previously painted with an appropriate colour. Depending on the expected effect, it can be spread with a brush, a roller, a sponge (swabbing or rubbing) or a float.

See exemplary effects.


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