Grunt MIX

at the beggining is the primer
Grunt MIX 5L_1L

Priming formulation

  • deep-penetrating
  • ready to use
  • strengthening foundation
  • reducing paint consumption
  • for indoor use

One-component Grunt MIX preparation guarantees proper surface preparation for painting or plastering.
The raw material composition ensures the penetration of the emulsion deep into the primed substrate, strengthens it and reduces its absorbency, improves the adhesion of paints and plasters.


Store in tightly closed original packaging in the temperature from +5°C to +40°C.


5L canister and 1L bottle
A collective carton box: 9 x 1L
Pallet: 114 canisters (5L each)

Shelf life

18 months from the production date


PZH Hygienic Attestation


Intended use

  • for priming raw construction substrates (concrete,cement, cement-lime, gypsum)
  • for priming old, previously painted surfaces
  • ideal for underfloor heating systems
  • perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • coloured with Pigment MIX, it facilitates even distribution on the primed surface


Product is ready to use. Stir well before applying. Priming emulsion should be spread singly over a clean and dry surface with a paintbrush or roller. Apply at a temperature above +5°C. When priming weak or more absorptive foundations, it is recommended to spread a second coat over a first one before drying. Further work with the primed surfaces can be performed after the surface is completely dry (drying and seasoning time is 24 hours).
For priming gypsum substrates, the primer should be mixed with paint in a 1:1 proportion.
When tinting with pigments, pour in the right amount of colorant and mix thoroughly immediately before use.

After completed priming wash the painting equipment with water.

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