Grunt MIX Strong

concentrated strength
Grunt MIX Strong

Concentrated priming formulation

  • deep-penetrating
  • 250 ml concentrate per 6 l of water
  • limiting absorption and strengthening foundation
  • reducing paint consumption
  • for indoor and outdoor use

Concentrated primer for priming raw building substrates (concrete, cement and cement-lime plaster and old previously painted surfaces, which with the time passing lost their parameters.

The raw material composition ensures the emulsion penetration into the primed surface, as well as its strengthening and eliminating its absorptivity.

The surface covered with Grunt MIX Strong has better adhesive properties regarding paints and plasters.


Store in tight original packages in the temperature ranging from +5°C to +40°C.


250 ml bottle
A collective carton: 10 x 250 ml
Pallet: 112 pcs

Shelf life

24 months


Grunt MIX Strong

Intended use

The Grunt MIX Strong priming preparation is intended for priming raw construction surfaces (concrete, cement, cement-lime and gypsum ones) and old, previously painted surfaces, which with the time passing lost their parameters. Ideal for floor heating systems. May be easily applied both indoors and outdoors.

Grunt MIX Strong tinted with one of our company's pigments facilitates even distribution of the preparation.  It is suitable for all water-based elevation paints and acrylic plasters tinted with the EKO MIX BUD concentrates, as well as for interior paints.


Priming concentrate for priming concrete, cement, plaster foundations, etc. Penetrates deep into a primed foundation, strengthening it and reducing its absorptivity. Perfect for application beneath paints, adhesives, plaster work, stuccos, screeds, underlayments and floor heating systems. Intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for application beneath paint coloured with Pigment MIX colorant.

Before use, the product should be thinned with water in adequate proportions depending on foundation type and absorptivity. The standard proportion is 1 container (250 ml) of concentrate per 6 liters of water. In case of more absorptive foundations, thin with a smaller amount of water. All thinning proportions depending on foundation types are tabulated on the front of the packaging label.

Priming emulsion should be spread singly over a clean and dry surface with a paintbrush or roller. Apply at a temperature above +5°C. When priming weak or more absorptive foundations, it is recommended to spread a second coat over a first one before drying. Primed surfaces can be used 12 hours after priming.


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