Inchem Colour System
ICS Colour Chart

Inchem Colour System (ICS) is an innovative technology created for tinting systems dedicated to paints and plasters.
ICS combines the highest quality and unlimited possibilities of creating colors.

The ICS provides:

  • high tinting strength
  • compatibility with most base paints available on the market
  • full repeatability of production
  • optimization of colouring costs

Inchem Colour System allows to meet any individual customer’s need based on RAL or NCS systems. It allows to compose virtually unlimited number of shades. It also gives opportunities to create optimal color combinations in terms of quality and guaranteeing a favorable price.

ICS is based on 16 colorants dedicated to tinting systems. Their composition is the result of the combination of our knowledge and experience as an experienced manufacturer with knowledge of the requirements of customers. Our pigment pastes are based on organic and inorganic pigments. They are liquid, high-concentrated pigment preparations with the highest utility parameters. The offered colorants have strong thixotropic properties that ensure their easy and precise dosing. They are characterized by high color strength and compatibility with stained products and stability over time.

Pigment pastes used in the Inchem Colour System are harmfuless for human and fully environmentally friendly. Production in accordance with the ISO:14001 environmental standard proves that there are no negative consequences for the environment.
Based on nonionic and/or anionic additives they do not contain resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCS) and ethoxylated alkylphenols (APEO). Pastes are free from any toxic substances.


Intended use

ICS is an innovative new generation coloring system that is widely used in the production of paints, plasters, varnishes and wood impregnation products. It is designed for dosing systems - automatic and manual. Used for dyeing base paints and ready-to-use paints.


We provide professional color-coding service based on white or transparent customer’s base and ICS colorants. Our experience and a well-equipped laboratory guarantee optimum recipes. In our business we follow an individual approach to the customer. We also try to meet the unconventional expectations of our partners both in terms of technical parameters as well as quantity of colorants ordered. For each order we respond quickly and flexibly. In practice it means short deadlines for the implementation of atypical orders.


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