Other applications of Pigment MIX

  • Raw wood
    Pigment MIX may also be used to paint raw wood and plywood, so for example garden furniture. Consequently, you get an effect of transparent dye deepening the outlines of grains. A product that is dyed that way should be preserved with a layer of colourless varnish.
  • Colourless varnishes and wood stain varnishes (water- and solvent-based)
    A colour varnish will not only change the hue but also sharpen the natural patterns of wood grains.
  • Ceramics
    You may use Pigment MIX to paint burnt, unglazed ceramics. After painting, preserve the same with a varnish.
  • White solvent-based products
    By adding Pigment MIX to white solvent-based paints you may obtain only light, pastel shades.
  • Transparent solvent-based products
    By using an addition of Pigment MIX you may obtain intensive, rich shades.
  • Finishing coat emulsions
    If you add Pigment MIX, it is easier to spread a preparation. The maximum amount of pigment that can be added to the finishing coat is 1%.
  • Gypsum
    The whole compound may be dyed.
  • Other
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