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MIX-BUD max is intended for colouring:

  • ready facade paints
  • plasters
  • concretes
  • lime mortars
  • construction products

MIX-BUD max is a pigment concentrate that does not contain any resins, ethylene glycol, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and ethoxylated alkylphenols (APEO). The MIX-BUD max concentrate formula is based on selected inorganic and organic pigments with maximum resistance to light, external conditions, alkaline environment, lime and cement.

MIX-BUD max concentrate perfectly spreads both in paints and plasters, as well as in decorative materials based on cement or lime, giving a durable and even shade. MIX-BUD max concentrates guarantee repeatable, economical colours. To ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the colour, each of the MIX-BUD max concentrates is checked in our Quality Control Laboratory.


Store in tightly closed original packaging in the temperature from +5°C to +40°C.


500 ml bottle
Collective carton box: 6 pcs.
Pallet: 100 carton boxes

Shelf life

36 months


The product has PZH Hygienic Attestations



MIX-BUD max concentrate is available in 24 colors. In practice, it is possible to obtain an unlimited number of colors and shades, because MIX-BUD max pigments perfectly mix with each other. This gives you the opportunity to create your own colors.

  Means one bottle of the pigment added to the indicated paint amount
**  Colours marked this way are not recommended for silicate paints and plasters

Download colour card

Intended use

MIX-BUD max pigment concentrate is intended for coloring dispersion paints and plasters (acrylic, silicone, silicate - see color card). for internal and external use.

With MIX-BUD max concentrate construction products containing cement and/or lime such as: mortars, concrete screeds, paving stones, cement roof tiles, palisades, etc. can be coloured in mass.

MIX-BUD max concentrate is compatible with our other products: FUGAREMIX – grouts renovator, GRUNT MIX – primer formulation, GLAMOUR EFFECT – Glaze.

Practical remarks

Due to the technologies and raw materials used by various paint and plaster manufacturers, it is recommended to carry out the test on a smaller amount of paint or plaster. The colors shown on the colour card are for reference only. The colours obtained depend on the type and quality of the product being dyed. Absorption, type and structure of the substrate, ambient and lighting conditions may also affect the final color.

Paints and mineral plasters. We do not recommend using MIX-BUD max concentrates for coloring mineral paints and plasters due to the possibility of salt efflorescence.

Silicate paints and plasters. For silicate paints and plasters, due to its high pH, we do not recommend applying MIX-BUD max colors marked with an asterisk on the colour card (Peach, Raspberry, Heather, Green and Blue).

Construction products containing cement and/or lime coloured in mass. As a result of weather conditions, unavoidable efflorescences may occur. Experience shows that they usually disappear in about 2 years. They always form on the surface from which water evaporates.



Stir thoroughly before use. Any delamination is not a product defect. Colour test should be performed on a small amount of coloured product to check mutual tolerance and determine the correct proportions. Measure or weigh the required amount of concentrate and slowly pour into the dyed product by thoroughly mixing by hand or mechanically (concrete mixer, mixer) to obtain a uniform colour. When mixing, avoid excessive foaming, which may worsen the application properties. A maximum of 5% concentrate MIX-BUD max is recommended for the total weight of the finished product.

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